About Us

We are Phluid. Phluid in our expression, externally to the world and internally to ourselves. Phluid means dissolving the artificial boundaries of gender, skin color, and status, we and they. Phluid means following like water, free from contracts we never agreed to sign. Phluid means embracing the core idea that this is our world, and that the way things are is unrelated to how things could be.

Founded in 2018, The Phluid Project is a business grounded in community, activism, and education. We value inclusivity and celebrate individuals regardless of body, size, ability, race, gender, faith, and nationality. Our mission is to represent our community by expanding our reach through partnerships and collaborations. At The Phluid Project, we believe in using our platform to amplify voices that are underrepresented and underheard. Through our completely gender-free fashion, we strive to break down societal barriers and promote self-expression without limitations. We partner with brands and designers who celebrate the nonbinary, ensuring that our collections reflect and empower the diverse identities within our community.

Join us on this empowering journey as we shape a more inclusive future for all. Explore our collections of gender-free clothing, accessories and more to embrace and celebrate your authentic self.

The Phluid Project is proud to be NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce) certified, further affirming our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and supporting the LGBTQ+ community."