We are a gender-free brand (androgynous, unisex, gender neutral) selling clothing, accessories, and beauty for the LGBTQIA+ community (lesbian, gay, trans, pansexual queer)

'A Doll For Everyone': The Phluid Project featured in The World View

Mattel isn’t the first company to notice the trend of young shoppers moving away from gender-specific products. Rob Smith—the founder of the Phluid Project, a gender-free clothing store that caters to the LGBTQ+ community in New York City—says several large corporations, including Mattel, have approached him for advice on how to market to the young masses. “I work with a lot of companies who are figuring out that the separation between male and female is less important to young consumers who don’t want to be boxed into anything,” he says. “There’s men’s shampoo and women’s shampoo, but it’s just all shampoo. Companies are starting to investigate that in-between space in order to win over Gen Z.”

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