We are a gender-free brand (androgynous, unisex, gender neutral) selling clothing, accessories, and beauty for the LGBTQIA+ community (lesbian, gay, trans, pansexual queer)

The Future Is Non-Binary :: The Phluid Project in Inside Retail Hong Kong

The Phluid Project, a New York brick-and-mortar shop specializing in gender-free apparel, is setting a new standard for retailers, tapping into a key Gen Z trend.

The growth of individualism has bred a myriad of genders. Today, just 66 percent of Gen Zers would identify themselves as exclusively heterosexual. Meanwhile, a third of these consumers are comfortable with the use of gender-neutral pronouns and knows someone in their circle who identifies themselves with “they”.

Two years ago, former Victoria’s Secret executive Rob Smith launched The Phluid Project as the world’s first gender-free clothing store. His goal with the brand was to redefine and challenge gender

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